An old truck, a Country Music Singer, A Biodiesel Making Crew, and 1,000 Miles on 100% Biodiesel in Montana Winter:

Biodiesel Montana

with Jason DeShaw

and The S.A.V.E Foundation!

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Montana's Energy Puzzle

Student Documentary Unit, Radio-Television Department,
School of Journalism, University of Montana

Mr. DeShaw goes to Helena

Jason DeShaw was invited to play on the Senate floor as a Eastern Montana artist.

Biodiesel Montana (part 1)
with Jason DeShaw
and The S.A.V.E Foundation!

February 25nd to March 3rd, 2006

Featuring Andy Brown, Matt Elsaesser, Jason DeShaw, and Caleb Cantwell-Frank
Great Country Music and Biodiesel Demonstrations Coming to your community!

Remaining Venue Details Followed by Journal of where we've been this week

Just a few more shows!

March 2, Harlowton, High School Assmebly, 1:00pm
March 2,
Harlowton, Stockman Bar, 8pm
March 3,
Missoula, Fairgrounds, 8-12pm
-With Stomping Ground

Photos Journal of Biodiesel Montana Follows:

Day 1: Final Preparation and Helena, Montana

Feb. 25, Helena, Carroll College 7p.m.

Chris and Mel and the S.A.V.E. Table, Murhpy Fox takes the stage

The Biodiesel Masters take their post, crowd participation



The tour began with a great show of music and the first bidiesel demonstration of the tour. Sam Leonard and John Flynn started off the night with a few songs on slide and accoustic guitar. Jason Deshaw took stage with a short set including the “Savemobile song.” At intermission, Matt narrated as Andy and Caleb made a fresh batch of biodiesel with a bit of crowd participation to mix it up. Murphy Fox and Anne Perkins took stage to share some of their talents and to send the pickup off on a good note. Jason finished off the night with some of the favorites. Biodiesel Tour 2006 begins. Let the good times roll on the wheels of biodiesel. -AB

Day 2: The Blessing and Bozeman

Feb. 26
, Bozeman, Emerson Ballroom, 7p.m.

Father Gilbaugh Blesses the Vegi-mobile, Caleb adjust the flag at MacKenzie River which sponsorsed us with Pizza

Crazy Fans during the concert, Andy Brown prepares the Biodiesel Demonstration


The pickup is packed and we’re ready to roll. Matt, Caleb, Jason, and Andy start running on 100% Biodiesel just east of Helena and everything is in operation.

Truck ran great going from Helena to Bozeman on 100% Biodiesel and with the blessing of Father Eric Gilbaugh for the Vegi-mobile and its’ mission. Picked up two free pizzas at MacKenzie River on the way out of town. Great show at Emerson by Jason DeShaw and BlueJack sponsored by the MSU-Bozeman Recycling Club (contact Presentation and Q&A on Biodiesel by Andy Brown went well. BlueJask is an awesome band and we were very grateful that they could join us. Pita Place gave us a free pita for our efforts and adorned the “Think Recycle” bumper sticker to their recycle bin. AB , ME

Day 3: Coffee Crossing in Livingston

Breakfast scones by Trish and Erin (L and R of Caleb, Boz.), Filing up in Livingston

At the Coffee Crossing in Livingston!

Sale of "Got Cowboy T-Shirt" and album pays the way, making Biodiesel for the crowd

Day 3: Coffee Crossing in Livingston
Warm night and lovely sunny day! No need to preheat the tank and starting on B-100.
A great little show organized by John Rawlings of Coffee Crossing. Jason played several songs with an intermission Biodiesel batch made by Caleb and Andy. Many good questions and follow-up out at the truck after the show. Sold enough Hippie-Ki-Yi-Aye albums for breakfast in town and left several for sale at Coffee Crossing and Independent Media. Salem Eyman’s grandfather came by to the work his grandson had done on the Vegi—mobile so it could run B-100 in the winter with a student stipend from S.A.V.E. through a grant from the Metcalf Foundation. Looking forward the S.A.V.E. and Vegi-mobile return to Livingston to provide recycling and bring Helena students to the Sustainability Fair this summer. - ME

“Great to see out good friend Paul Conrad who generously provided our room for the night” "Good to sit down to and see some of those good ol farmers who came by. Pretty excited when the Volkswagen van pulled up too”- JD

Day 3: En Route to Billings
Still great weather and time for a slow drive Montana’s great metropolis. Feeling good about a great trip to promote simple alternatives that better value the environment. Andy driving, Caleb taking a nap and “just enjoying the sun,” Jason is working on booking his European Tour and we just drove by two windmills!
Have now seen several trucks with giant blade and tower components for Judith Gap.
‘Lot of people are turning out to be interested in the economic end and environmental aspects of Biodiesel. There also impressed with the simplicity and feasibility of producing their own fuels.’ - AB
Laptop now on Biodiesel Power through car outlet! 250 plus miles on 100% Biodiesel once we reach Billings!




Andy Brown joins Jason DeShaw with the Harmonica

Letha and Amy setup the S.A.V.E. Table, our Host Kendal and Caleb setting up our tanks

Seth Davidson - Platinum Supporter of Biodiesel Montana 2006

On Billings and Crow Agency - Andy Brown
The evening in Billings had great energy with plenty of folks interested in the possibilities of alternative fuels. The Petro Theatre was a perfect setting for a longer show by Jason. I had the honor of joining Jason to harp a few Johnny Cash tunes and “Whiskey Jim.” Local chemists joined in a discussion on the particulars of the entire biodiesel process and everyone left the theatre with new ideas to consider. Thanks to the MSU-Billings environmental awareness club for their help making the show a success. After the show we refueled with food, biodiesel, and sleep to hit the road again in the morning. We picked up some new guitar strings for Jason before leaving Billings and heading south to Crow Agency. A short set at Little Bighorn College was met with some great enthusiasm for sustainable fuels. Still running on B-100, the pickup is running great on Montana roads.

Day 4: Crow Agency, Lame Deer, and Miles City

At Little Big Horn College

Chief Dull Knife College

Tongue River Road and S.A.V.E. Easternmost Recycling Pickup

Caleb Calculates the Lye for a new batch of Biodiesel for Miles City

Andy and Jason share the stage with bottle of biodiesel brewed on stage.

Wednesday, March 1:
The demonstration and show in Lame Deer at the Chief Dull Knife Memorial College Library brought new ethusiasm for the land-based aspect of biodiesel. Most were interested in using biodiesel if there was a way to maintain a constant supply. We continued further east to Ashland and north along the Tongue River Road for a bit of back-road driving on biodiesel. Rolling into Miles City, we found a great spot to have a show at the Miles City High School auditorium. Thanks to Jim Botts and Jack Larson for helping with the setup and logistics of the show. A class from Miles Community College joined us along with some folks interested in developing a biodiesel production in eastern Montana. We found our first shower at the Comfort Inn, donated by Kelly Reid. Thanks -AB



Day 5: The Jersey Lilly and Odd Fellows Hall
Ingomar and Roundup

Ingomar and The Jersey Lilly



Filling up and calling outside Roundup. Truck and phone powered by 100% Biodiesel!


Odd Fellows Temple and Promo on the Street in Roundup

Great discussion and networking follows music and Biodiesel demonstration.


Thursday Morning:
We arrived in Ingomar to a sell out crowd at the Jersey Lilly. There may not be many in Ingomar but we think we talked to everyone. After a little music and a conversation about biodiesel in the back room, we filled ourselves up with a meal of burgers and the incredible bean soup. For the night show, we rolled into Roundup to the Odd Fellows Hall. Thankyou Wilbur and Elizabeth Wood for the spaghetti feed and for organizing the hall and extra information before the show. Good ideas and motivations were brought together and possibilities for oil-seed processing were shared. -Andy Brown




Upcoming: Join us and watch for posts!

Day 6: Harlowton High School and Stockman Bar

School Show at 1pm with grades 7-12, teachers and community members

A few miles north to the mega wind farm near Judith Gap

The Crew spends the afternoon in the Harlowton Library where Jason warms up before the show.

Caleb checks on the truck, Andy takes the lead on Harmonica (biodiesel table lower left)

Thursday Night:
Driving back to Helena, in great spirits, rocking out to Old Crow Medicine Show, mile 837 on B-100 as we pass through Townsend. 40-minute presentation at the Harlowton High School was a success with great questions and interactions from 7-12 grades, teachers, and members of the community. The students were very enthusiastic and greeted us as we setup during their lunchtime. Some of the kids sent their parents to the night show at the Stockman where, yet again, we meet strong interest in Biodiesel and great folks. As with many of our events, we have seen our events serve as a meeting place for neighbors. It has been very rewarding. An early morning approach to Helena and the Biodiesel Montana Crew has a busy day awaiting them. Plastics recycling starts in Helena and Matt will be working with other S.A.V.E. volunteers early to get things setup and maintained through the day. Andy and Caleb will have a brief day to setup for an adventure south with friends on Spring break. Jason has some work back in Plentywood and shows next week to prepare for. The 1,000 finale in Missoula of Biodiesel Montana Part 1 will add more volunteers from S.A.V.E.’s base in Helena.

As we complete our round trip to Helena, the truck is continuing to run great on 100% Biodiesel. We finally have encountered temperatures below our gel point and the truck is performing without at hitch thanks to the heading system installed by UM-Helena.



Day 7: Finale in Missoula with Stomping Ground

Andy and Jason make a sample batch of Biodiesel and explain making a larger batch.

Stomping ground plays into the morning, Joe shows us the anti gelling agent he has for biodiesel.

Reflections on Friday:
Busy day in Helena for S.A.V.E. as plastics recycling drive begins and the crew gets caught up with things in Helena. Paul Conrad (Big Sky) and Chris Daley join the crew and the ‘Vegi-mobile’ heads north to Missoula mid afternoon. Jason performs an opening set followed by Andy and Caleb leading a Biodiesel demonstration at a quarter after nine. Students from The University of Montana working on a senior project on alternative energy film parts of the event and meet with Andy and Matt. Stomping Ground then takes the stage for an extended set well into the morning. Great show with dedicated fans of Jason, Stomping Ground and Biodiesel Montana.

More than 1000 miles on 100% Biodiesel!


Day 8:

The remaining Biodiesel Crew pulls over for breakfast in Avon. Jason plays a Cash tune and Matt explains a sample batch of biodiesel made the night before.

Saturday night, post tour biodiesel event:
Matt takes the stage between sets at The Duhks concert in Bozeman and shows an enthusiastic crowd how to make Biodiesel. Ellie, S.A.V.E. volunteer in Bozeman, helps with the setup and meeting with interested persons about Biodiesel and S.A.V.E.'s efforts for Montana. Jason head home to Plentywood to help out at the family business. Caleb and Andy depart on a Spring Break trip to Utah with friends from Helena and Carroll College.

We had a great time, feel great about reaching so many across the state and are already looking forward to part 2 of Biodiesel Montana. Thanks for all the great hosting, questions, and stories. See you soon!
- S.A.V.E.Biodiesel Montana (part 1) Crew


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Cover the special release Jason DeShaw album sold to pay for meals on the tour.
Free with $25 donation to The S.A.V.E. Foundation!

News Coverage of the Tour:


*Fuel of the Future?, Helena IR, Feb 26

*Making Waves, Montana News Association

Coverage included TV, Radio, and many local papers!