Montana State Legislature

This page highlights some of our past accomplishments over the years at the state level.

2013 Legislative Session

This session was spent defending our gains from past sessions, testifying against bills that would have rolled back incentives for gray water. Throughout the year, We also worked through the public rule making process with the Montana DEQ for gray water systems in newly constructed or remodeled homes.

2011 Legislative Session

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2009 Legislative Session

HB 285, sponsored by Michele Reinhart, Download a factsheet, 107KB PDF

Authorize use of gray water in commercial and multi-family structures


HB 21, sponsored by Sue Dickenson

Repeal termination date for recycling tax incentives


SJ 28, sponsored by Jim Peterson

Resolution requesting an interm study on recycling and solid waste recovery


HB 416, sponsored by Margaret MacDonald

Exempt biodiesel made from vegetable oil from state road tax


HB 420, sponsored by Michele Reinhart

Allow local government to adopt incentive-based energy conservation codes


SB 73, sponsored by Bob Hawks

Revise laws on medium-speed vehicles


SB 424, sponsored by Gregory Barkus

Control disposal of mercury thermostats

2007 Legislative Session

HB 259


Allow for the separation of gray water.
Download a factsheet, 87KB PDF


SB 185


Allows for neighborhood electric vehicles that can go 35 mph on streets up to 45 mph.

HB 555

Recognizes the challenges of electronic waste and funds a public education program through the Department of Environmental Quality.


SB 449

Increases fuel efficiency in state vehicles.