Biodiesel Montana

Jason DeShaw and SAVE members on the Biodiesel Montana tour.

Biodiesel is diesel fuel that is vegetable-based rather than petroleum-based. Biodiesel can be used in standard diesel fuel tanks and can be made of renewable resources, making it a fast-growing method of off-setting carbon-based fuels.

The SAVE Foundation has traveled more than 2,000 miles across the state on the Biodiesel Montana tour. The purpose of the tour was to promote the environmental and agricultural benefits of biodiesel. The tour included a series of free concerts open to the public featuring the music of singer/songwriter Jason DeShaw and actual demonstrations on how to make biodiesel.

Biodiesel Montana Tour Blog

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Montana State University-Northern's Bio-Energy Center

How biodiesel is made:

Ingredients: methanol, lye and fry oil

Test the pH of feed stock (oil) to determine amount of lye to use

Methanol is flammable: mix with lye in spark-free environment

Mix lye and methanol

Mix lye/methanol blend into fryer oil with blender unit or pump system to create reaction

Use electric heaters only, no propane or open flame. The mixure should be heated at 120-130 degrees F.

Mix for one hour

Allow 8 hours for glycerin to settle

Drain the dark, thick glycerine from the lower part of tank. The biodiesel on top will remain.