Recycle at Your Business with SAVE

Being green doesn't just have to take place at home. It's easy to incorporate green practices at your office as well! With the help of the SAVE Foundation, taking these steps can be easy. SAVE offers a recycling pickup service for businesses in Helena. Read more about our services and sign up your business below!

What We Collect

On our recycling route we collect corrugated cardboard, type 1 and 2 plastic bottles, aluminum and steel cans, glass bottles, office paper, and newspaper. Thanks to our partnership with Carroll College, we are now able to collect fluorescent light bulbs, for an additional fee, on our business route! Bulbs accepted include: tube, u-shaped, and compact fluorescent bulbs.

Why recycle with SAVE?

SAVE makes it easy for recycling to be done in the office. SAVE will work with your office to determine which recyclable items are the highest priority and the easiest to collect, as well as a pickup schedule that will meet your needs. Simply set up bins in your office and let SAVE do the rest!

Other Perks

In addition to providing pickups, we are also able to provide recycling bins for your office for a fee. We have bins in a variety of sizes to ensure that you are able to find the right bin for your office! The biggest benefit of using one of SAVE's bins instead of purchasing your own is that SAVE can trade out bins when they get dirty or if they are damaged. Be sure to mention if you are interested in hearing more about this option!

Sign Up Your Business

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Yes! I want to add my business to SAVE's Recycling Route!

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Pick up costs run between $10-$25 depending on amount recycled and frequency of pick ups.

Bins can also be rented from SAVE

What type of materials will you recycle?
Corrugated Cardboard Type 1 and 2 Plastics Aluminum/Steel Cans Glass Office Paper/Newspaper Tube/U-Shaped Fluorescent Light Bulbs Compact Fluorescent Light Bulbs (CFLs)

Myself or other co-workers would be interested in volunteering at SAVE Events!
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Download a Business Recycling Guide for the office here! Laminate for multiple uses.