Blue Bag Program

In an effort to increase city-wide recycling, the City of Helena created the Blue Bag Program. Through this program, residents can pick up blue bags, free of charge, from the Transfer Station. Blue bags can not be purchased elsewhere by residents due to differences in size, durability, opacity, etc.

These bags can be used to recycle aluminum and steel cans, newspapers, and magazines. The city collects the bags during the first full week of every month, known as "Recycling Week," on the same day as your regularly scheduled garbage pickup.

In order to recycle properly using the Blue Bag Program, you will need at least three separate bags, putting aluminum in one bag, steel cans in one bag, and newspapers and magazines in a third bag. Bags then simply need to be placed near your garbage container, making sure they are not touching the container in any way.

For more information on this program, please visit the City of Helena Recycling Page.