SAVE's Daily Habits

Daily Habits, is printed on a quarterly basis. Daily Habits highlights successes of SAVE and updates on ongoing projects. Click to download our past issues and see what we have been doing!

Summer 2011 including "The Value of a Tree" by Jamie Kirby and "Walk-Ability in Helena"

Spring 2011 including "Legislative Update" and "Water Conservation"

Fall 2010 including the "Bio-Energy Center" and "Montana Green Building"

Summer 2010 including "A Year of Recycling Education" and "State Recycling Policy"

Winter 2009 including "Helena Family Installs Gray Water System" and "Holiday Green Guide"

Spring 2009 including "Electric Vehicle Legislation" and "Gray Water Bill Signed Into Law" by legislative intern Ross Phillips

Fall 2008 including "Plastics Recycling: Not so clear?" and "Legislative Preview 2009"

Energy Issue including "Deep Energy Reductions by John Krigger of Saturn Resources, Inc.

Transportation Issue including "Electric cars in Montana" and "Low Carbon Fuels"

Winter 2008 including "Cleaner Fuels for Montana" and "SAVE Expands Plastics Recycling"

November 2007 including "SAVE Brings Gray Water to MT" and "Legislative Review 2007"

Summer 2007 including "Gray Water Ready for Reuse in MT" and "Legislative Update"

Winter 2006 including "Deja' Views" ana "Solar at Carroll"